Data Fukuro

Dubai Tenancy Lookup


Dubai Tenancy Lookup is a Python and Streamlit app that utilizes open data from the Dubai Land Department to provide renters in the Marsa Dubai area with property information, rental price history, and comparisons to similar properties in the same building.

The app features a user-friendly interface and provides valuable insights to empower renters to make informed decisions about their rental contracts.



29 BD BLVD is a Tableau-based visualisation dashboard project that focuses on the 29 Boulevard building complex built by EMAAR in downtown Dubai.

The interactive dashboard provides an easy-to-use visual representation of each floor and apartment type, including size, number, and color-coded apartment types. It's a valuable resource for anyone interested in investing or renting in the area.

REMA Dubai Dashboard


The REMA Dubai Dashboard is a real estate market analysis project that includes a Tableau visualization dashboard based on a dataset of over 4,800 rental listings in Dubai's Downtown and DIFC areas. The dashboard features color-coded apartments by room type, median prices, and various features such as AC and furnishings.

The dashboard also displays top towers based on different criteria and a map of buildings in the two districts, providing valuable insights for anyone interested in the Dubai rental market.

The UAE Population Dashboard


The UAE Population project is a Tableau-based visualization dashboard that displays the population of the United Arab Emirates from 1960 to 2021 by gender and age group, based on data from the United Nations World Population Prospects.

The user-friendly dashboard features a filter slider for selecting different year ranges and three charts displaying the population of three different age groups, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in the UAE's demographic trends.